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Raspberry Italian Soda

This Italian soda is bubbly, candy and creamy! seize  straws and percentage with a pal; these bloodless beverages are a fun, unfashionable summertime treat!

When you have never tried an Italian soda, you honestly are in for a deal with! Italian soda is like consuming the fizziest, creamiest soda ever!  no matter the name, this bubbly drink did not originate in Italy, but within the u.s.a. within the Nineteen Twenties.  you could most usually find Italian sodas in fruity flavors, but they are able to actually be made with any flavoring.

Raspberry Italian Soda

In case you’d as an alternative bypass cooking hints, tips, handy substitutions, related recipe ideas – and get straight to the Raspberry Italian Soda Recipe– virtually scroll to the lowest of the web page where you may discover the printable recipe card.

Reality be advised, I wasn’t offered at the Italian soda the primary time I tried them.  They were bubbly and fizzy and absolutely in contrast to anything else I’ve tried.  subsequently, I grew to simply accept Italian soda, particularly after I realized how easy they were to make at home.  The flavors are constrained handiest by means of your creativeness and they may be so easy to make!

Raspberry Italian Soda


  • Ice
  • Torani flavored syrup
  • Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water (I used Spindrift)
  • Splash of lime juice
  • Heavy cream


  1. Fill  glasses with ice. Fill each glass approximately 1/4-2/3 full with the raspberry syrup. pinnacle each with glowing water and a dash of fresh lime juice. Slowly pour the favored amount of heavy into every glass. pinnacle with clean raspberries.

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